Tree Planting

One of the ways we are carrying out our Climate Action Plan here in Chicago is through Our Roots Chicago project. Our goal is to expand the tree canopy in Chicago through an equitable approach to every neighborhood in Chicago leaving no neighborhood behind. The Bureau of Forestry plants trees along the public right-of-way throughout Chicago. The benefits of trees are numerous and of increasing importance in this age of climate change, where we seek to a cleaner, greener, sustainable environment.  Chicago property owners who want a new tree planted on their parkways should contact 311 or simply submit a request online by clicking "Get Started Online" below.


Benefits of Trees:

  • Planting trees improve air quality, provide shade and cool air, reduce pollution

  • More trees mean healthier communities

  • Healthier communities mean healthier lives

  • Trees promote physical activity, and you’re more likely to walk more in neighborhoods and parks with more trees

  • Trees improve physical and mental health

  • Trees bring communities together and improves social cohesion

  • Trees reduce stress and anxiety

  • Trees reduce your energy bills by providing your home shade from the sun and blocking winter winds

  • Trees increasing property values

  • Trees increase walking traffic and shopping in business districts

  • Trees absorb carbon and help to lessen climate change effects

  • Trees reduce air and surface temperature reducing urban heat islands while increasing cooling effects

  • Trees decrease soil erosion and reduce dirt to sweep from curbs and sidewalk

  • Trees help repair local biodiversity by providing critical bird, small animal, and essential insect habitats while helping decrease pests.

  • Trees soak up large amounts of water and help to manage storm water runoff and prevent floods

All Service Requests are handled in the order in which they are received. Once your request is received, your planting site will be investigated by Forestry Staff. The Street Tree Planting Program is divided into two seasons, the spring planting season beginning April 1st, and the fall planting season beginning October 1st. The exact timing of each season varies based on weather and ground temperatures.

Please be advised that certain species may not be available for planting at the time of your request but that every effort will be made to accommodate your second and third preference.

City of Chicago Urban Tree Planting List

For information on the care of newly planted trees:

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