Tree Trimming

Thanks to additional funding, the DSS Bureau of Forestry has increased its tree trimming crews and has the capacity to move to a citywide area tree trimming program beginning Spring 2023. This means crews are able to trim all trees in one geographic area at the same time, creating a more efficient and equitable process for Chicago residents, and allowing for the proper maintenance of the City’s overall urban tree canopy.

The Bureau of Forestry’s goal is to operate weekly in every ward during the tree trimming season (generally April - December), barring any emergency weather incidents. Similar to street sweeping notification, trees will be posted with signage in advance of tree trimming.

If you have an emergency tree request, such as a parkway tree blocking the street, sidewalk, or alley, and/or a parkway tree on a car, house, or garage, please call 311 to report a tree emergency.

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