Wood Chips - Forestry

The woody debris resulting from trees and branches removed by the Bureau of forestry is 100% recycled and reused.  Logs and chips are sold to vendors for biomass, construction grade lumber, and wood chips.  Forestry also creates mulch which may be used to enhance the appearance of city owned vacant lots and landscaping.

The Bureau of Forestry of the Department of Streets & Sanitation offers free mulch.  The mulch is available on a limited basis for pick up during working hours of 6:30 am to 2:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

The locations for pick up are:

  • 9909 Foster (O'Hare Site)
  • 5333 N. Western Ave (rear of the property)
  • 2342 South Ashland Avenue (North West corner of property)
  • 900 East 103rd Street (North East corner of property) 

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