Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Selects LRS as New Residential Recycling Provider

April 5, 2021

City to work with providers and residents to ensure a seamless transition in early summer

The Department of Streets and Sanitation (DSS) announced LRS will assume residential recycling collection services in four of Chicago’s six recycling regions beginning this June while DSS crews will continue services in two areas.    

“The Department of Streets and Sanitation remains committed to supporting waste diversion efforts,” said Commissioner John Tully.  “The contract allows for penalties for missed collection and has a greater clarification around contamination.  We believe these will help improve recycling rates.”

Four companies submitted bids and the lowest bidder, LRS, was selected.  DSS is working with partners to ensure a smooth transition and no service interruptions are expected.  In areas where DSS services blue carts, there will not be a change.

LRS is committed to recycling and protecting the environment.  As an organization, they possess more recycling assets than any other Company in the Chicago area, including a state-of-the-art single-stream recycling facility that can sort cardboard, mixed-paper, glass, steel, other metals and plastics.

“We are excited to partner with the City of Chicago,” said Joshua Connell, Managing Partner of LRS.  “We look forward to providing reliable recycling collection services and increased recycling rates for the City of Chicago and its residents.”

As part of DSS commitment to improve recycling services, LRS will collect recycling with less than 50% of contamination.  This will ensure that more waste is getting recycled.

A contract following this current 3 years contract will be guided by the results of a citywide waste study led by the Mayor's Office, in partnership with the Delta Institute, expected to be released later this quarter.  The comprehensive waste and recycling study reviews current waste and recycling related policies, contracts, data, and infrastructure.  The study will guide the development of a framework for further improving recycling and waste diversion, including in commercial and high-density residential settings.

In addition to these efforts, DSS and The Chicago Department of Public Health recently received a grant from the National Resource Defense Council (NRDC) to work on Food Waste reduction in 2021. The Food Matters project at NRDC partners with cities to achieve meaningful reductions in food waste through comprehensive policies and programs.

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