Rodent Control (Rodent Baiting)

One of the City's most effective ways to combat rodents is containerization. Because the residents we service use heavy duty plastic carts with tight fitting lids to contain garbage, residents are able to cut off one of the main sources of food in an urban rat's diet.  These carts are free and are distributed by the department's Bureau of Sanitation. Use of these free carts, combined with the rodenticide we strategically place deep inside a rat's burrow, are the key reasons for the decline of rats in our city.  If rats can't feed, rats can't breed.

Black Garbage Carts

More than 1.5 million, heavy duty plastic 96-gallon garbage carts with tight fitted lids often referred to as super carts are supplied free to single-family residences and apartment buildings of four units or less.

Check Status of Garbage Cart Service Request

Check status of a service request regarding a missing or stolen Garbage Cart.

Check Status of Rodent Baiting Service Request

Check status of your 311 Service Request for Rodent Baiting

Dead Animal Pick Up, Rodent Control

Reports of dead animals should be made to city's request line at 3-1-1.

Rats in Chicago

Chicago continues it's increasingly effective rodent abatement program, including four successful new strategies

Rodent Baiting

Chicago's Bureau of Rodent Control investigates all rat sightings and rodenticide is placed in rat burrows.

Sanitation Violations

City of Chicago rodent control experts will inspect the exterior of any private property at the request of its owner and offer an evaluation of the best possible means to eliminate a rat problem.

Rodent Control Worker Baits a Rodent Burrow