Street Operations


winter storm

One of the most recognizable images of the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation is that of our Snow Fighting Trucks plowing and salting city roadways during a Chicago snow storm.  In fact, every time our full main fleet of Snow Fighting Trucks does just one pass of our entire route system they have traveled some 9,456 total lane miles. 

Residents might also recognize our "Street Ops" personnel as the people who hand sweep street waste, clean vacant lots or work on graffiti removal.

Graffiti Removal Program

Graffiti is vandalism, it scars the community, hurts property values and diminishes our quality of life.

Illegal ('Fly') Dumping

Illegal dumping, or "fly dumping," is the dumping of any waste material on public or private property without a permit from the Department of Public Health (CPDH).

Vacant Lot Cleanup

Crews from Streets & Sanitation's Bureau of Street Operations clean thousands of vacant lots every year.

Winter Snow Clearing

Department of Streets & Sanitation coordinates Chicago's snow and ice control efforts from Snow Command. This high tech command center allows us to access and view a network of cameras and pavement sensors to get a quick and accurate assessment of our pavement conditions citywide.

Wire Basket

This type code is for requesting a wire basket on a corner in front of a business or store