Sanitation and Waste Reduction (Garbage, Street Sweeping, Recycling, and Zero Waste)

The Bureau of Sanitation implements waste management programs for business and residents. Specific activities include: 

  • Collecting residential garbage;
  • Operating the City’s Blue Cart Recycling Program;
  • Providing technical assistance and support for the City’s recycling initiatives;
  • Providing assistance for the development of city-wide waste reduction and management programs and policies; and
  • Coordinating street sweeping efforts for city main streets and side streets.


Garbage Can


Recycle by City CHICAGO


Street Sweeper

Street Sweeping

Chemicals and Electronics

Chemicals & Electronics



Zero Waste

Zero Waste

2020 Dates of Non-Scheduled Garbage Collection
Non-Scheduled Dates for Garbage Collection.
Check Status of Sanitation Code Violation Service Request
Check status of your Sanitation Code Violation Service Request.
Division and Sanitation Offices
The Bureau of Sanitation has District and Ward Sanitation Offices throughout the city responsible for coordinating local garbage pick-up, sanitation code enforcement, snow removal operations and other services. District and ward superintendents monitor their sections of the city for any non-sanitation bureau services that might be needed, reporting these to the appropriate bureau or outside agency for attention.
Garage, Yard & Apartment Sale Permit, Sanitation
Chicagoans planning to hold garage, yard and apartment sales can obtain their required permits at any of the city's 50 Aldermanic ward offices. Locations of these ward offices can also be obtained by calling the city's 311 non-emergency number.
Garbage Collection
The City of Chicago has implemented the grid garbage collection system citywide.
Grid Garbage Collection
Information regarding the Grid Garbage Collection System
Litter, Trash, Garbage
Littering is a serious problem in Chicago. The City spends millions of dollars each year to clean-up litter.
Recycling Block Captain
Become part of a volunteer grassroots network and support the Blue Cart Recycling Program.
Refuse Containers or Garbage Carts
All residential garbage is placed in plastic, lidded 96-gallon garbage carts often referred to as super carts supplied free to Chicagoans.
Residential Garbage Collection
The City of Chicago has implemented the grid garbage collection system citywide. Streets & Sanitation collects Chicago's residential waste. Our crews service some 600,000 homes weekly.
Residential Recycling Drop Off Center
Use the City’s Residential Recycling Drop-off Centers to recycle the same full range of materials accepted in the Blue Cart Recycling Program, including paper, plastics, glass and cardboard.
Sanitation Code Violation
Chicago's sanitation code is a series of municipal ordinances that require cleanliness and the safe disposal of all trash and debris.
Street Sweeping
To ensure curb-to-curb street cleaning, temporary parking restrictions are posted the day before the work is scheduled to begin on any street. Some arterial streets have permanently posted signs that specify a once-per-week period when parking is prohibited for street sweeping.