Asian Longhorned Beetle

Pest of: Maple (Acer sp.), elm (Ulmus sp.), ash (Fraxinus sp.), willow (Salix sp.), horsechestnut (Aesculus sp.), birch (Betulus sp.), and planetree (Platanus sp.)

Since July of 1998, the Bureau of Forestry has been working with the United States Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Department of Agriculture in combating the exotic insect pest known as the Asian Longhorned Beetle(ALB). The public has played a major role in aiding in the eradication effort. Thus, the City of Chicago still NEEDS YOUR HELP!! Please refer to the following sites to keep yourself informed on this exotic pest as well as the next pest(s) that may be headed our way...including the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB).

Chicago's Asian Longhorned Beetle Hotline: 312.74BEETL or 312.742.3385

Asian Longhorned Beetle Links:

US Forest Service ALB Link:

US Forest Service ALB Link

University of Vermont ALB Site; very good comprehensive site with lots of detailed info (Research, Management etc) and up to date news. Geared towards public education.

University of Vermont ALB Site