How to Dispose of Latex Paint

There’s an easier way to dispose of leftover latex paint. The Household Chemicals & Computer Recycling Facility is no longer accepting latex paint because of it’s high disposal cost and very low environmental impact. The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency encourages residents to safely dispose of old or unwanted latex paint on their own.

Here’s what you can do with your leftover latex paint:

  • Keep painting: Save leftover paint for a new project or paint scrap lumber or cardboard.
    Let the empty paint can dry, then recycle the empty can.
  • Dry it up: Use kitty litter, shredded paper or sawdust to absorb the remaining paint, or pour the paint into a bag. After it dries, throw the bag or absorbant material away and recycle the empty can.
  • Donate it: Ask friends and neighbors if they need paint for a small project. Local schools or theater groups sometimes look for free paint for sets and art projects.
  • Store it: Save the leftover paint for touch-ups in the future. To prevent the paint from drying out, wrap the can’s lid with plastic wrap, making sure the lid fits on securely and doesn’t leak.

Spread the word about latex paint disposal with this flyer.