Engineers on the street reviewing sewer plans

This Bureau provides design services for the water and sewer main system. This includes determining the size of the water and sewer mains needed to properly serve the community as well as future growth; the placement of the valves needed to control the flow of potable water; and, the placement of underground sewer structures that can remove storm and waste water for treatment.

The Bureau of Engineering also provides inspectional services for buildings both public and private that are connected to the public water and sewer mains. These are the water and sewer lines that connect any structure to the mains in the street, typically through the buildings frontage.

  • Inspections of all potable water connections are conducted by Plumbing Inspectors: 312.744.7017.
  • Private Drains or sewer lines (up to 6-inches) are inspected by the Drain Inspectors: 312.744.5503.
  • Large private sewer structures 8-inches and larger are inspected by the Mason Inspectors contractors can call: 312.744.5502.
Private Drain Repair

Request repair of sewer drain tiles coming from private residences, of up to four units, that are broken under the public way.

Report: lmo2-2011

Report of water use, and conservation by the Chicago Department of Water Management, to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for 2011.

Sewer Cleaning Inspection

Request Sewer Cleaning Inspection - Sewer structures (i.e., catch basins) full of dirt or debris, or sewer structures that are not draining properly, can be reported for cleaning.

Sewer Construction and Stormwater Management Requirements

In 2009, the Department of Water Management completed a city-wide computer model of its large auxiliary sewers 42-inches in diameter and larger and combined sewer outfalls. This dynamic flow model represents the best available information on the hydrologic and hydraulic characteristics of the City's sewer system.

Water Main Design and Construction Standards

The Department of Water Management, Bureau of Engineering Services, Water Design Section, has compiled the following information to assist in the design and construction of new water mains and services within the City of Chicago.



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