Operations & Distribution

Street view of a Department of Water Management crew and equipment in the process of installing a new sewer main.

Primary responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the water and sewer system within the distribution system. This includes over 47,000 fire hydrants, 48,000 water control valves, 56,000 sewer structures and a combined total of over 9,000 miles of water and sewer mains.

Low Water Pressure

Report low water pressure in your home.

Water in Basement

Online reporting of water in your basement.

Water in the Street

File a report if you see water in the street after a storm.

Leak Desk Facts.
We get 145,000 calls every year. Some of the topics include:

  • Water in the basement.
  • Water on the street.
  • Broken water mains.
  • Frozen pipes in the Winter.
  • Open Hydrants in the Summer.
  • Parkway and street leaks.
  • Complaints of no water.

When we receive a call through 3-1-1, we send an investigation crew to assess the problem. With practiced eyes, they can determine how best to fix it, and whether it needs to be done immediately. Otherwise, we schedule it for repair.



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