Chicago Improvements at Southwest Pumping Station & Durkin Park


Durkin Park

What is this project about?
This construction project will create a connection allowing the City of Chicago to provide drinking water to residents of the City of Joliet. Joliet’s current water source – an underground aquifer that has served Joliet for more than 100 years – is projected to not be able to meet Joliet’s water demands by 2030. To address this situation, Joliet has entered into a preliminary agreement with Chicago to obtain treated Lake Michigan water.

Why Chicago?
Through its Department of Water Management (DWM), Chicago provides treated Lake Michigan water to 5.3 million people in northeastern Illinois through a water system with a capacity of nearly 2.1 billion gallons per day. As a steward of this vital resource, Chicago wishes to assist Joliet to ensure its continued access to clean drinking water. In addition, the agreement with Joliet will provide additional revenue to Chicago’s Water Fund, which will help maintain our water system and reduce costs to Chicago residents.

Why Durkin Park?

 SWPS Additions and Suction Well Location Map   

DWM’s Southwest Pumping Station adjacent to Durkin Park is the closest point where Joliet can connect to Chicago’s water system. To achieve this, Joliet is coordinating with DWM to construct a new water connection at that location.

When will the construction begin, and how long will it last? How will the Park be affected during construction?
Construction of this project, on approximately three acres on the south side of Durkin Park, is scheduled to begin in 2025 and will last for two to three years, during which this area will be unavailable to area residents. The project (see graphic above) includes aboveground additions onthe existing Southwest Pumping Station site and an underground water reservoir on the Durkin Park site.

To minimize the inconvenience and continue serving the community, Joliet will pay the Chicago Park District to construct improvements atnearby parks (Rainey, Bogan and Scottsdale) that will be completed before work begins at Durkin Park. Once construction of the water reservoir underneath Durkin Park is complete, the park surface will be restored and returned to recreational use, along with the newly added parkamenities at surrounding parks.

How will Durkin Park be restored after construction and how will the community benefit?
Upon completion of the project, the surface of the Park will be restored and re-opened for public use. To further enhance Durkin Park, Joliet will construct a new athletic/soccer field based on community input and Chicago Park District specifications.


How will residents be kept informed about construction at the Park?
In partnership with 18th Ward Alderman Derrick Curtis’ office, DWM will host community meetings and provide emailed updates throughout the construction process. Residents are invited to sign up for updates by providing their email address at our community meetings or through the web pages that DWM and the Chicago Park District will maintain on the Durkin Park project to keep residents informed.

Have questions or want more information? We want to hear from you!
As work at Southwest Pumping station & Durkin Park progresses, DWM, Joliet and the Chicago Park District will continue to work with 18th Ward Alderman Derrick Curtis and to communicate with the community about this important project.
We stand ready to answer your questions! Please feel free to reach out to the following contacts at any time.

Alderman Derrick Curtis
18th Ward Service Office

Chicago Department of Water Management

Chicago Park District
312.742.PLAY (7529)

City of Joliet
Department of Public Utilities

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