Programs & Initiatives

Find information on various City of Chicago Programs & Initiatives.

Affordable Chicago

Programs, services, and resources for residents, visitors, and businesses to help keep Chicago affordable.

Consumer Protection

Resources, programs, and other news for residents and businesses - from business education to consumer fraud protection.


City Resources, Programs, and helpful information for educators and those interested in education topics in the City.

Environment and Sustainability

Chicago is a green city with innovative sustainability initiatives. Many of the City's departments offer programs, resources, and initiatives for the environment, including tips for Chicagoans to help!

Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) makes government more transparent to the citizens of Illinois by guaranteeing access to government information while protecting the legitimate interests of government and the privacy rights of citizens.


Chicago focuses strongly on seeking grant funds for important Chicago programs and initiatives. Here are Citywide news, announcements, and reports about the city's numerous grant programs.

Health & Wellness

The City aims for a Healthy Chicago! This page contains resources, programs, and other information offered by all departments to improve health and wellness throughout Chicago.


News and helpful resources for making Chicago your home - from obtaining housing to building to common maintenance.

Inspections, Permitting, and Licensing

Helpful information about starting and maintaining a business and successfully going through the inspections, permitting, and licensing process!


Find information on City of Chicago job opportunities, personnel rules and employment policies, and other available job programs.

Municipal Marketing

Find information regarding the City of Chicago Municipal Marketing Program including Request for Qualifications for interested vendors and related documents.


Important news, special programs, and essential resources from City Departments to keep your families safe!


Information about Chicago City Taxes - from tax code to due dates to special filing services.


The City is committed to leveraging technology to improve and expand City programs and services. See news, services, and programs about technology initiatives throughout Chicago.


The City of Chicago is committed to opening up government to provide residents with data, reports, and documents to make Chicago government accessible to all.


From roads and alleys to bridges and waterways, Chicago has as more transportation options than you can imagine! News, services, and helpful resources related to Chicago transportation.

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