Business and Environmental Permits

Chicago supports businesses and residents while protecting natural resources through permits and regulation. Explore the links below to learn more about Chicago’s opportunities for businesses, job training, and environmental regulation.

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  • Clean Diesel - The Clean Diesel Contracting ordinance established new regulations focused on improving air quality on and near City of Chicago construction sites. Learn more about the requirements and incentives to retrofit old equipment.
  • Environmental Permits - View and download Chicago's environmental permits and regulation requirements.
  • Greencorps Job Training - Explore this twelve-month training program in landscaping and horticulture, environmental health and safety, electronics recycling, and weatherization.
  • Reporting Plastic Bag Recycling (for retailers) - Submit the plastic bag recycling annual reporting form and learn about the plastic bag recycling ordinance.
  • Waste to Profit Network (for manufacturers and businesses) - Join this by-product synergy project in which wastes and under-valued resources at one facility are matched with users at another, resulting in cost savings and reduced landfill waste.

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  • Chicago Sustainable Industries - This initiative is the City of Chicago’s first effort to coordinate the economic, social and environmental aspects of Chicago's manufacturing sector as part of a comprehensive plan to promote industrial growth.
  • Commercial Recycling - Learn about Chicago's recycling requirements for commercial and retail spaces.
  • Urban Agriculture - Find out how recently adopted changes to the Chicago Zoning Ordinance allow for agricultural uses like community gardens and urban farms in many parts of the city.


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