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Mayor Lightfoot’s Comprehensive Fines and Fees Reform

Mayor Lightfoot’s Comprehensive Fines and Fees Reform

One of Mayor Lightfoot’s top priorities upon taking office was taking on regressive fines and fees and reducing the reliance of the City’s budget on fees, which disproportionately impact low-income communities. This website displays the Lightfoot Administration’s key initiatives to give residents a “New Start,” and get back on the path to compliance and economic opportunity.

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New Payment Plans for Tickets

Do you need more time to pay your tickets? Get on one of our payment plans today for a new start!

Utility Billing Relief Program

Do you need assistance with paying your water or sewer bill? Find out more about the new Utility Billing Relief program!

Suspended License, Booting, Ticketing and Towing Reforms

The Lightfoot Administration has implemented new reforms around driver’s license suspension, booting, ticketing and towing. Find out more here.

Fine-Free Libraries

There are no more late fees at Chicago Public Libraries! You’re only charged if you lose or damage a book. Find out more here.

Fresh Start Debt Relief Program

For those who have entered Chapter 7 bankruptcy and need debt relief from City debt, the Fresh Start Program will be able to help you.

Vehicle Impoundment Program Reforms

The Lightfoot Administration has reduced fines and limited fees for impounded vehicles, decreased the number of situations in which a vehicle can be impounded, and added new defenses to help residents get their cars back. All changes will be made by September 24, 2020.