Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP)

Respondents with Administrative Notice of Violation (ANOV) scheduled for hearing at Central Hearing Facility (CHF) room 106 or 107 who do not wish to appear in person may attempt to resolve their matters remotely by contacting the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) at least three (3) business days before your scheduled hearing date.  You must still appear in person at DOAH if your ANOV has not been resolved remotely by your scheduled hearing date. Instructions for BACP’s remote adjudication option are available at Remote Adjudication of Violation Notices (ANOVs).

Department of Law - Legal Information and Prosecutions

Department of Law - Legal Information and Prosecutions attorneys prosecute municipal ordinance violations at the Department of Administrative Hearings. These cases include violations cited by the Chicago Police Department, Commission on Animal Care and Control, Department of Transportation, Department of Health, Department of Streets and Sanitation, and Department of Buildings. 

Department of Buildings

Special Notice for Building Code Violations:  If you have completed work to correct all of the ordinance violation(s) listed in the Administrative Notice of Ordinance Violation, you may be able to avoid appearing in person on your Court date.  Please visit the following link for further information and instructions Buildings Code Compliance

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