Option to Avoid Administrative Hearing on Building Code Violations by Submitting Email Evidence of Full Compliance

August 7, 2020

The Department of Buildings is now offering an option to avoid an in-person administrative hearing on building code violations when the property owner or property manager submits evidence that work has been completed to correct all of the ordinance violations listed in the Administrative Notice of Violation. Evidence must be submitted to the Department of Buildings by email at least 10 business days before the scheduled hearing, and the email must include a signed "Certification by Property Owner or Authorized Agent" (available at links provided below). 

Please note: If you do not receive an email response from a Department of Buildings representative indicating that the Department has accepted your evidence of full compliance, you must appear in person at the Department of Administrative Hearings (400 W. Superior Street) on the scheduled court (hearing date).

For the instructions and official certification form, click here.

Para las instrucciones y el formulario de certificación oficial en español, haga clic aquí.