Interested in Serving on the Community Commission?

How will the members be selected?

  • After District Council members are elected in February 2023 and take office in May 2023, a Nominating Committee will be created, made up of one elected member of each District Council.
  • The Nominating Committee will have an open application process to serve on the Commission. Anyone who meets the qualifications described below can apply to be on the Commission.
  • The Nominating Committing will review all the applications, select and interview finalists, and then nominate at least two people to fill each of the seven vacancies on the Commission.
  • Then the Mayor will choose seven of the people who were nominated to serve on the Commission. The Mayor may also decline to appoint from the list of nominees for any vacancy, in which case the Nominating Committee must create a new list of at least two nominees for each vacancy.
  • Once the Mayor appoints a candidate, they must be confirmed by the Chicago City Council.
  • If the City Council rejects the Mayor’s appointed candidate, the Mayor shall either appoint a different candidate from the most recent list submitted by the Nominating Committee, or request that the Nominating Committee provide two new nominees. This process will continue until the City Council confirms a candidate appointed by the Mayor.  

(Source: Municipal Code of Chicago, 2-80-040(c))

What are the qualifications to serve on the Commission?

  • Commissioners must have a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and sound judgment.
  • Commissioners must have a history of leadership and community involvement.
  • Commissioners must have demonstrated their ability to work well with a wide range of people, have good judgment, and be independent, fair and objective.
  • Five Commissioners must have at least five years of experience in at least one of these fields: law, public policy, social work, psychology, mental health, public safety, community organizing, civil rights, or advocacy on behalf of marginalized communities. You can combine experience in different fields in order to meet the five-year requirement. For example, if you were a social worker for two years and worked in public safety for three years, you could combine those to meet the five-year requirement. 
    • At least two of these five Commissioners must be attorneys with at least ten years of experience in civil rights, civil liberties, criminal defense, or prosecution.
    • At least one of these five Commissioners must have at least ten years of experience in community organizing.
  • Two commissioners must be between the ages of 18-24. They do not need to meet the experience requirements described above. 
  • All Commissioners must live in Chicago and have lived in Chicago for at least the last five years before their appointment to the Commission.
  • At least two Commissioners must live on the West Side. At least two Commissioners must live on the South Side, Southeast Side, or Southwest Side. And at least two Commissioners must live on the North Side or Northwest Side.
  • All Commissioners must disclose any personal, professional, or financial conflict of interest that could reasonably be thought to bear on their performance as a Commissioner.

(Source: Municipal Code of Chicago, 2-80-040(b))

Will Commissioners be paid?

  • Commissioners will receive a stipend of $12,000 per year.
  • The President of the Commission, who will be selected by the Commissioners, will receive a stipend of $15,000 per year.

How do I apply?

  • Information about how to apply will be made available on the Commission’s website in 2023.