Construction, Permits, Utilities and Contracts

A key part of Chicago’s infrastructure investment and maintenance, CDOT manages nearly 100 construction projects each year, generally totaling more than $500 million, which are performed by both in-house construction crews and private contractors. 

These projects cover a wide array of capital improvements, from the complete construction of River Walk to the replacement of a square of sidewalk in front of a residence.   Engineers, architects and other technical professionals on each job ensure that the project is built in accordance with the contract plans and specifications.  They are also responsible for properly documenting all work and materials to the satisfaction and requirements of all federal, state and local funding agencies.

CDOT’s Public Right of Way Permit Office is responsible for issuing permits for the use or work in the public way.  Some of the applications and permits that are attainable through the office are: Athletic Events Applications; Parade Applications; Public Assembly Notifications; Commercial Refuse Containers Permits; Deep Foundation Permits; Driveway Permits; Public Way Opening Permits; and Public Right of Way Use Permits.

The CDOT Office of Underground Coordination (OUC) is responsible for all requests regarding existing utility information and the review/approval of construction work in or adjacent to the Public Way.  This also includes large projects with deep excavations and penetrations, such as foundations (piles, caisson, etc.), earth retention systems or major piping installations.  The OUC also works with the permit office to monitor and coordinate construction projects by public utilities in order to minimize the disruption and maximize the infrastructure benefits for Chicago taxpayers.


You can apply and pay for permits online via the City’s website (

If you have questions or requests regarding Right-of Way permitting, you can send them to

If you have questions or requests regarding Driveway permitting, you can send them to