Block Party Permit Information

The CDOT Permit Office has resumed accepting Block Party applications for events

We want to advise you that CDPH has informed us that they are continuing to closely monitor health metrics and the decision is subject to reversal or revision if the metrics show it is no longer safe to permit block parties.

As always, the application process should begin with contacting the Alderman’s Office and block parties cannot extend for more than two blocks. After the application is reviewed and approved by the Alderman’s office, Aldermanic staff will enter the request into the online permitting system for approval and release by CDOT.

Jumping Jacks (Bouncy Houses) are once again being permitted this year!  For more information or to request a Jumping Jack for your residential block party, click on the following link (Jumping Jack Program)
Please note the Jumping Jack season runs on Saturdays and Sundays from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.                 

Rules Regarding Block Party Permits Requests

  1. Block party applications should be submitted through you local aldermanic office.
  2. Block party permits are for the use of Chicago residents and can only be applied for the street on which they reside.  Businesses or outside organizations should apply for a festival permit.
  3. Requests for Block Party Permits from the Aldermanic Offices must be received by the Department of Transportation within three (3) business days prior to event to insure the permit is issued for the event.  Permits are issued on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Block Party Permits will not be issued on any Federal Aid Urban Streets (i.e., arterial streets) or on a bus route.
  5. Block Party Permits will not be issued for more than one (1) day in succession or to close any street for a commercial purpose.
  6. A block party permit will only be issued for a single block (intersection to intersection).
  7. Access to any parking spaces controlled by meters or pay boxes must be maintained at all times.
  8. In addition to the rules listed above, Block Party Permit requests may be denied by the Department of Transportation for the following reasons:
  • Incomplete application (missing information)
  • Traffic control issues
  • Issues related to other permits issued in the vicinity of the event
  • Public safety concerns
  • Applicants must provide evidence that a majority of the residents on the affected block(s) approve of the block party. 

Block Party Permit Information Form

Block Party Waste Management Flyer

COVID-19 Safety Affirmation Form