Police Board Statement on the Death of Thomas Johnson

April 14, 2020

The members and staff of the Police Board are deeply saddened by the deaths of Thomas Johnson, a long-time hearing officer for the Board, and Leslie Johnson, his wife.

“Tom was an outstanding hearing officer and a wonderful man,” said Police Board President Ghian Foreman.  “All of us on the Board admired and respected Tom’s deep knowledge of the law and commitment to fairness.  His work was of the highest caliber. Most importantly, he was in our eyes and by all accounts a thoughtful, kind, and caring man. We will miss him greatly, and offer our prayers and condolences to Tom and Leslie’s sons and family,” said President Foreman.

Mr. Johnson was a highly-regarded attorney and served as a Police Board hearing officer since 1991.  He presided over more than 350 police disciplinary cases, including some of the most highly-visible cases decided by the Board. Mr. Johnson conducted the hearings of the cases arising out of the fatal shootings of LaTanya Haggerty, Bettie Jones, and Laquan McDonald.

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