Animal Kingdom

March 9–June 3, 2013

City Gallery in the Historic Water Tower

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Animal Kingdom slideshow


Animals are the most continuous and ancient subject in art. Since creating bisons and horses in the cave at Lascaux artists have continued through today to craft meaning with animal images. This exhibition of screenprints by Chicago artists looks at a variety of approaches employed by the local creative community in a medium that is widely popular and has an extensive audience nationally and internationally.

The works presented here include art prints, gig and promotional posters. The screenprinting genre is frequently used to promote bands touring the world which takes the work of Chicago artists around the globe.

Participating artists include Kathleen Judge, Dan Grzeca, The Bird Machine, Diana Sudyka, Delicious Design League, Steve Walters, Phineas X. Jones, Johnny Sampson, Billy Craven, Shawn Roberts and Robert Valadez.



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