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In honor of the Year of Chicago Music, DCASE presents the Chicago Band Roster, a selection of nearly 200 singers, songwriters, DJs, solo artists and ensemble musicians based in Chicago performing a variety of music styles including Blues, House, Hip-Hop, Rock, jazz, Gospel, Classical and more. Artists on the Chicago Band Roster were selected by a panel of music industry professionals based on artistic excellence, work samples and performance history at private and public events.

In an effort to increase meaningful performance opportunities for Chicago-based musicians, the Chicago Musician Roster can be used as resource for residents, producers, venues and organizations looking to present high-quality music programs.

DCASE will also launch Chicago Presents - a new funding program to support cultural presenters activate cultural programs that comply with public health guidelines in neighborhoods throughout Chicago in Summer 2021. Emerging and established cultural presenters are invited to submit proposals for free live, in-person concerts and events, spanning across all genre’s music, performance and dance that activate Chicago’s streets, plazas and parks. Additionally, presenters may select up to two solo musicians and/or bands from the Chicago Band Roster to play at their event. More information is available on the Chicago Presents page.

A searchable data list of the Chicago Band Roster is coming soon. Please enjoy this catalog:


Chicago Band Roster Catalog (PDF)