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Our roots run deep.

With roots in five-cent theaters and race-film firms, Chicago has a rich history with cultural impact. In the early 20th century, Chicago was the center of the independent film movement. It had the highest grossing market for Black audiences, and the industry used its voice to address the city’s labor issues. The 1980s brought us iconic cult classics like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Untouchables, The Hunter and Blues Brothers, beginning the tradition of modern filming in Chicago.

Today, Chicago’s TV and Film industry continues to make globally renowned work while being a cultural and economic force for the city’s communities.


Production scene from the set of Shameless
The Dark Knight
Production scene from the set of Chicago Fire

Fueling local communities. The Chicago TV and Film industry invests in initiatives that impact our neighbirhoods financially and culturally. By supporting creative entrepreneurs, local businesses and community projects, the industry helps grow and sustain neighborhood economies.


Our impact goes beyond the screen.


3rd Largest

Illinois has the third largest movie and recording workforce in the country and is the number one state for film production in the Midwest.

51% BIPOC + Women

The Illinois film industry made 20,000 hires across the state in 2019. 51% of crews in accredited productions in the state are made up of women and people of color.

$700 Million

Illinois' film industry generates $700 million in economic impact (estimated in 2021). Chicago TV and Film is 50 wards wide, 20K+ jobs strong.

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