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Northeast Branches


Al Tyler, paintingsBudlong Woods
5630 N. Lincoln Ave.

Andrew Young, Mixed Media


Lincoln Belmont
1659 W. Melrose St.

Steve Heyman, Paintings;
Joyce Lopez, Cibachrome Prints; 
Jacqueline Terrassa, Textiles;
Marya Veeck, Painting


644 W. Belmont Ave.

Martyl, Painting;
Louise Papageorge, Fiber Work;
Michael Ryan, Drawings


Near North
310 W. Division St.

Mat Barber Kennedy, Mixed Media;
Steve Musgrave, Paintings; 
Jane Williams Ferris, Painting


Rogers Park
6907 N. Clark St.

Jo Hormuth, Sculptural Installation;
Al Tyler, Paintings (pictured)


Sulzer Regional
4455 N. Lincoln Ave.

Nicholas Africano, Frescoes;
Sandra Jorgensen, Painting;
Irene Siegel, Painting


929 W. Buena Ave.

Brian Bakke, Painting;
Nancy Chunn, Painting;
Mary Jones, Paintings;
Mr. Imagination, Installation;
Robin Whitespear, Textile


Northwest Branches 


Arnaldo Roche Rabell, paintings

6100 W. Irving Park Rd.

Jason Messinger, Tile Murals;
Gail Simpson Wolf, Paintings


Bucktown-Wicker Park
1701 N. Milwaukee Ave.

Phyllis Bramson, Paintings;
Douglas Fogelson, Photo Collage;
John Himmelfarb, Mixed Media;
Industry of the Ordinary (Adam Brooks and Mathew Wilson), Installation


5331 W. Devon Ave.

Tom Denlinger, Cibachrome Prints;
Jason Salavon, Digital Cibachrome Print;
Yun-Hee Toh, Painting;
Pala Townsend, Painting;
James Winn, Painting


Humboldt Park
1605 N. Troy St.

Carlos "Dzine" Rolon, Mural;
Garth Edwards, Mural;
Lucy Gomez, Photographs;
Bibiana Suarez, Paintings;
Mike Hill, Sculpture


Logan Square
3030 W. Fullerton Ave.

Matt Irie, Drawing;
Anna Kunz, Mixed Media;
Deborah Pieritz, Installation;
Dave Richards, Painting;
Arnaldo Roche Rabell, Painting (pictured)


Mabel Manning
6 S. Hoyne Ave.

Dawoud Bey, Photograph Installation;
Willie L. Carter, Painting


North Austin
5724 W. North Ave.

Patricia Evans, Photographs;
Gina Hartig Williams, Sculptural Installation


Oriole Park
7454 W. Balmoral Ave.

Kathleen King, Mixed Media;
Elaine Pawlowicz, Painting


5108 W. Belmont Ave.

Bill Cass, Painting


West Chicago Avenue
4856 W. Chicago Ave.

Nick Cave, Textiles; 
Gregory "Miguel" Gomez, Relief Sculptures


Southwest Branches

Alan Winkler, drawingsArcher Heights
5055 S. Archer Ave.

Laura Mosquera, Painting;
Brian Sikes, Mixed Media


1962 W. 95th St.

Virginio Ferrari, Sculpture


1350 W. 89th St.

Preston Jackson, Relief Sculpture


642 W. 43rd St.

Iwona Biedermann, Photographs;
Claire Pentecost, Photographs


6423 W. 63rd Pl.

Gail Roberts, Painting;
Linda Vredeveld, Photographs;
Larry Zgoda, Stained Glass


6151 S. Normal Blvd.

Robert Dilworth, Painting;
Carl Kock, Painting;
Jacob Lawrence, Lithograph;
Richard Willenbrink, Painting 


115 S. Pulaski Rd.

Elizabeth Catlett, Installation;
Kerry James Marshall, Mural


McKinley Park
1915 W. 35th St.

Elizabeth Kuhn, Textile, Leslie Scruggs, Sculpture;
Amy Yoes, Murals


Mount Greenwood
11010 S. Kedzie Ave.

John Bakker, Painting;
Mary Brogger, Installation;
Jack Simmerling, Lithograph;
Ann Wiens, Paintings


Richard J. Daley
3400 S. Halsted St.

Gordon Powell, Sculpture;
Della Seigenthaler, Relief;
Allan Winkler, Drawings (pictured)


1101 W. Taylor St.

Jim Koss, Painting


Rudy Lozano
1805 S. Loomis St.

Hector Duarte and Cynthia Weiss, Mosaic Mural;
Nereyda Garcia-Ferraz, Stained Glass;
Filemon Santiago, Mural


Thurgood Marshall
7506 S. Racine Ave.

Aki Donald Baker, Mixed Media;
Erik Blome, Bronze;
Venus Blue, Quilt;
Terrence Karpowicz, Sculpture;
Rene Townsend, Relief


2708 S. Pulaski Rd.

Juan Angel Chavez, Mixed Media;
Judith Joseph, Paintings


11071 S. Hoyne Ave.

Oscar Romero, Murals;
David Russick, Ceramic Tile Installation


West Lawn
4020 W. 63rd St.

Cynthis Archer, Print;

Margaret Wharton, Sculptural Installation


West Pullman
830 W. 119th St.

Marcus Akinlana, Mural and Mixed Media Installation


Woodson Regional
9525 S. Halsted St.

Willie Cole, Print;
Aoko Omwony-Hope, Mural;
Charles Searles, Sculpture;
Bernard Williams, Sculpture


8530 S. Kedzie Ave.

Candida Alvarez, Stained Glass;
Anthony Brankon, Relief;
Gerald Griffin, Painting;
Ron Pokrasso, Mixed Media


Southeast Branches

Karl Wirsum, InstallationAvalon
8148 S. Stony Island Ave.

Barbara Cooper, Sculpture;
Stephen Marc, Digital Photo Collage


Bessie Coleman
731 E. 63rd St.

Big Mama, Quilts;
Laverne Brackens, Quilt;
Tim Branson, Drawing;
Alvin Price, Drawing;
Aaron Trusdell, Mural;
Arbie Williams, Quilt


Chicago Bee
3647 S. State St.

Gregg Spears, Painting;
Derek Webster, Sculpture;
Carrie Mae Weems, Photograph


3048 E. 130th St.

Neil Goodman, Sculpture;
Richard Hull, Painting;
David Kroll, Drawing;
Judy Ledgerwood, Paintings


Jeffery Manor
2401 E. 100th St.

Quinton Elston Foreman, Stained Glass;
Marva Lee Pitchford Jolly, Ceramic


11001 S. Indiana Ave.

Orisegun Olomidun, Painting;
Nina Smoot-Cain and Kiela Songhay Smith, Mosaic;
Bernard Williams, Mural


South Chicago
9055 S. Houston Ave.

Christopher Buoscio, Painting;
Eleanor Clough, Installation;
Sara Hoskins, Photograph;
Michiko Itatani, Lithograph;
Kerry James Marshall, Lithograph;
Claire Prussian, Painting;
Street Sights Arts Program, Mural: Karl Wirsum, Lithograph (pictured);
Mirtes Zwierzynski, Mosaic


South Shore
2505 E. 73rd St.

Muneer Bahauddeen, Sculpture and Mosaic;
Laverne Brackens, Ceramic

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