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If you are a film student seeking a permit for a class, school project, or are looking for guidance on filming in the City of Chicago, please utilize the following as reference:

Obtaining a Permit

check mark Filming low impact productions (e.g. handheld interviews, documentaries) that do not interfere with public traffic- pedestrian or vehicular- typically do not require a permit.
check mark If your production will impact the public way (sidewalks, roads, bridges, etc.), you will need to complete the permit application found under the tab Permits for Filming (link) Permits are $25 per day, per location. Student permits will only be issued for filming between the hours of 7am and 11pm.
check mark If you intend to film on private property, you must contact the individual property to receive permission (e.g. Millennium Park, Chicago Transit Authority, Navy Pier), and in some cases will be required to complete that property owner’s permit application.
check mark If your production includes special effects, prop weapons, stunts, or other complex logistics, you will require a permit (which will require additional time to approve than the minimum of 3 business days) and should contact the Chicago Film Office to discuss the plan further regarding requesting a Chicago Police Officer to assist you on your set.
check mark Contact the Illinois Film Office for information on their location database. To access The Illinois Production Guide visit
check mark Students should request their school's Certificate of Insurance to satisfy this requirement when applying for a permit. Please work with your individual school to obtain the certificate for your production.


**If your production is small, on public property, does not block public traffic, and does not include prop weapons or special effects, you typically will not require a permit.



You will NOT require a permit for B-Roll filming if you are:

- Filming using only a handheld or tripod that does not block public traffic
- Standing on a street, sidewalk, pedestrian corridor, or any public way with no public impact
- Filming on public property while not asserting exclusive rights to that property
- Not requiring parking privileges for production vehicles
- Not interfering with any public function


**Please remember that we are a resource and are here to help you with your production. Give us a call at 312.744.6415 or email to set up a time to discuss your project.

Please do not just stop by our office without first making an appointment.

Once your appointment is scheduled, we will go over the process and the important things you need to know to ensure a smooth production. **