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How do I apply to be part of the city markets?

Our application process is now available online. It can be accessed at


Is there a fee to apply?

No, there is not a fee to apply to City Markets.


How many markets are there in Chicago and how many am I allowed to vend at?

There are dozens of farmers markets and farm stands in the City of Chicago, we list them all on our website. Many of them are run by independent organizations, such as Chambers of Commerce or non-profits and each has their own application process. You are allowed to apply for as many or as few as you want. Acceptance is based on space availability, product variety, and history with our markets.

For the markets managed by DCASE, please email to see where we are in the application process and if there is additional space.


Do I have to sell at more than one market?

There is no requirement to participate in more than one market. Some of our markets fill up fast, so we recommend you pick second choices if possible in case we aren't able to fit you into your first choice market.


Can I pick the market(s) I want to sell at, or does the City assign it?

You rank your choices. From there, the City assigns placement based on availability, product uniqueness, and history with our markets.


Do you require all produce to be 100% organic?

No, we do not require organic produce at City Markets. Some of our vendors sell organic produce but not all of them. Vendor signage lets customers know if they are organic or not.


Can I partner with another farm to sell at the markets?

Cooperative selling is allowed, as long as the proper paperwork has been submitted.


Can I sell jewelry, arts, and crafts at the farmers markets?

A limited number of local makers are able to sell their original, non-food items at our markets. Farmers markets can only have 25% or less non-food, so space is limited.


Can I apply after the markets start?

Any applications received after the deadline will only be considered if there is space based on market capacity and markets needs.


How much does it cost to be part of the farmers market?

Each market varies in price. The fee schedule is available on the application at


Do I have to live in Illinois to be part of the Chicago Farmers Market?

No. We prefer local vendors, which we define as those from within a 300 mile radius. Current vendors come from Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana and Illinois.


Can I have a tent at the farmers market monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually?

We can accommodate vendors who need to start or end the market(s) early based on growing seasons. We ask that you specify the dates you will participate when you fill out the application. You are expected to be at the market dates you signed up for except in the case of an emergency.


What is the most popular market?

All markets are in popular for different reasons (location, selections, etc.). Most vendors choose markets based on their schedule.


What months of the year are the markets open?

Most of our markets are open May–October. Maxwell Street Market is open April–December.


How does the EBT system work for customers with Link cards?

All vendors that sell qualified produce at City Markets where LINK/Snap is accepted must participate. We work with a third party contractor to complete operational and accounting functions, making it very easy for our vendors to participate.