Citywide Celebrations of House Music for the 40th Anniversary

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2024 commemorates the 40th anniversary of House Music, a cultural phenomenon that embodies unity, diversity, and creativity. Originating from the streets of Chicago, House Music has transcended borders and captured the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Chicago is celebrating all year with events that will captivate audiences and pay homage to the rich history and enduring legacy of this genre.

“This is a huge year for House Music as we celebrate 40 years of the genre’s first releases and a cultural movement started in our great city,” shared DCASE House Music Programmer David Chavez. “DCASE is excited to contribute to the citywide celebration alongside events all year produced by Chicago House legends, including the Inaugural House Music Parade led by DJ Farley Jackmaster Funk of #House40 Anniversary, the non-profit organization House Music 40 led by Vince Lawrence and Chip E, the Chosen Few DJs, and many others.”

#House40 Anniversary

40 Year Anniversary House Music

Led by Chicago legend DJ Farley Jackmaster Funk and Delece Williams, #House40 Anniversary organization will produce the Inaugural House Music Parade and Festival, Saturday, August 31 at 10am in the South Loop. For more information visit

House Music 40

House Music 40 is more than just a party… As a recognized 501c3 non-profit, the ongoing mission of House Music 40 is to raise awareness of the significant contributions made by Chicago House Music artists to the global music landscape while providing financial support for Chicago House Music DJs facing ongoing health concerns. House Music is a great unifier, bringing all sorts of people together regardless of any differences they may have. Like the song that started the movement, House Music 40 hopes to see our music continue “On &. On”.

Visit for a calendar of their events.