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COVID-19 Update

For the health and safety of our visitors and staff, DCASE is taking necessary precautions for all its programs and venues. Please wear face coverings and keep your social distance. Learn more about the City’s response to COVID-19 and its vaccination efforts at


(*) Indicates that this market is managed by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events. Other markets are managed independently by other organizations, chambers of commerce and/or commercial operators. Please check their websites to confirm information. All markets are subject to change.

(L) = Accepts Link



Austin Harvest Farmers Market (L)
423 N. Laramie Ave.
June 12-December 10, 2-6pm


Edgewater Monday Market
Broadway Armory, 5917 N. Broadway
June 7-August 30, 3-7pm



Gary Comer Youth Center (L)
7244 S. South Chicago Ave.
June 22–October 29, 3–6pm


Lincoln Square Farmers Market
2309 W. Leland Ave.
May 4–November 23, 7am–1pm


SOAR Farmers Market
220 E. Chicago Ave. at the MCA
June 1–October 26, 7am–2pm



Andersonville Farmers Market (L)
1500 W. Catalpa
May 12-October 20, 3-7pm


Austin Harvest Farmers Market (L)
423 N. Laramie Ave.
June 12-December 10, 2-6pm


Garfield Ridge Farmers Market
6072 S. Archer Ave.
June 2–September 29, 3–7pm


Green City Market (L)
1817 N. Clark St.
May 5–October 27, 7am–1pm


Pullman City Market * (L)
11100 S. Cottage Grove Ave.
July 7–October 27, 7am–1pm


Ravenswood Farmers Market
4900 N. Damen
June 16-October 13, 4-7pm


Roseland City Market * (L)
200 W. 109th St.
Lavizzo Elementary School
August 25–October 13, 2:30-5:30pm


Star Farm / Back of the Yards Farmers Market
5256 S. Ashland Ave.
June 9–October 13, 3-7pm


Uptown Farmers Market
4620 N. Broadway
May 5–November 24, 2:30–7pm



A Just Harvest Farmers Market
1631 W. Jonquil Terrace
July 29–November 25, 2–5pm


Amita West Town Health Farmers Market (L) 
2233 W. Division St.
June 3–October, 28, 12–6pm


Austin Town Hall City Market *
5610 W. Lake St.
June 10–September 30, 1–6pm


Daley Plaza City Market * (L)
50 W. Washington St.
May 27–October 14, 7am–2pm


Lincoln Square Farmers Market
2309 W. Leland Ave.
May 6–October 28, 3–7pm


Low-Line Farmers Market (L)
3400 N. Southport Ave.
June 3-October 28, 3:30-7:30pm: June, July, August / 3-7pm: September & October


PCC Austin Farm Stand (L)
330 N. Lotus Ave.
June 3–October 28, 10am–12pm


South Loop Prairie District
1936 S. Michigan Ave.
June 17–September 30, 4–8pm



Austin Harvest Farmers Market (L)
423 N. Laramie Ave.
June 12-December 10, 2-6pm


Englewood Village Farmers Market (managed by Grow Greater Englewood) (L)
5800 S. Halsted
July 9–October 15, 4–7pm


Gary Comer Youth Center (L)
7244 S. South Chicago Ave.
June 22–October 29, 3–6pm


LaFollette Park Farmers Market Pop-Up* (L)
1333 N. Laramie Ave.
July 9 & 30, 2:30-5:30pm
Health and wellness event in partnership with the Chicago Park District



61st Street Farmers Market (L)
1400 E. 61st St.
May 15-November 20, 9am-2pm


Division Street City Market * (L)
100 W. Division St.
May 15–October 30, 7am–12pm


Edgebrook Farmers Market
6525 N. Hiawatha Ave.
July 3–September 25, 9am–1pm


Englewood City Market * (L)
1219 W. 76th St.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Roller Skating & Bowling Center
July 17–September 18, 10am–2pm

August 14, 11am-2pm: SummerDance Market Pop-Up (Steppin', Boop)


Garfield Park Farmers Market at The Hatchery (L)
135 N. Kedzie
June 12 & 26 / July 10 & 24 / August 14 & 28 / September 11 & 25 / October 9 & 23, 10am-2pm


Green City Market (L)
1817 N. Clark St.
May 1–November 20, 7am–1pm


Green City West Loop (L)
115 S. Sangamon St.
June 5–October 30, 8am–1pm


Heart of Culture Farmers Market
3249 W. Harrison St.
June 19–October 19, 8am–1pm


Horner Park Farmers Market
2741 W. Montrose
June 5–October 2, 9am-1pm


The Lincoln Park Farmers Market
2001 N. Orchard St.
May 1–November 20, 7am–1pm


Mercado de Colores
Manuel Perez Memorial Plaza, 4345 W. 26th St.
June 5–September 25, 11am–3pm


Mother McCauley MAC Market
3737 W. 99th St.
June 12, 26 / July 10, 24 / August 14, 28 / September 11, 25, 9am–2pm


Nettelhorst French Market
3252 N. Broadway
April 17–October 30, 8am–2pm


NorthCenter Farmers Market
NorthCenter Town Square, 4100 N. Damen Ave.
June 5–October 30, 8am–1pm


Plant Chicago Farmers Market (L)
Davis Square Park, 4430 S. Marshfield
June 5–November 13, 11am–3pm

September 4, 11:30am-2:30pm: SummerDance Market Pop-Up


South Loop Printers Row
632 S. Dearborn Ave.
May 29–October 16 (no 7/3 or 9/11), 9am–1pm


West Humboldt Park City Market in partnership with NHS Chicago * (L)
3601 W. Chicago Ave.
June 5–October 9, 10am–2pm



95th Street Farmers Market
1835 W. 95th St.
May 2–October 31, 8am–1pm


Bronzeville City Market * (L)
4700 S. King Dr.
July 11–September 26, 10am–2pm


Glenwood Sunday Market (L)
1233 W. Pratt Blvd.
June 6–October 24 (closed July 4), 9am–2pm


Hyde Park Farmers Market
1516-1528 E. 54th St.
June 13–September 26, 8am–2pm


Independence Park
3900 N. Springfield Ave.
2nd and 4th Sundays: June 13–October 24, 9am–1pm


Jefferson Park Sunday Market
4626 N. Knox Ave. at the Irish American Heritage Center
June 13, 27 / July 11, 25 / August 8, 22 / September 12, 26 / October 10, 24, 9:30am-1:30pm


Logan Square Farmers Market (L)
3107 W. Logan Blvd.
May 9-November 28, 10am-3pm (9-10am reserved for seniors and the immunocompromised)


Maxwell Street Market * (L)
800 S. Desplaines
June 6, 20 / July 4, 18 / August 1, 15 / September 5, 19 / October 3, 17, 31 / November 7, 21 / December 5, 19, 9am-3pm


Pilsen Community Market (L)
1800 S. Blue Island Ave.
May 30–October 31, 9am–3pm


Portage Park Farmers Market
5353 W. Irving Park Road
June 6, 20 / July 18 / August 1, 15, 29 / September 5, 19 / October 3, 10am-2pm


Remixing the Narrative Farmers Market
11001 S. Michigan Ave.
July 11-October 24, 11am-3pm


Roscoe Village Farmers Market
Jahn Elementary, 3149 N. Wolcott Ave.
June 13-October 17, 9:30am-2pm


Vegan Paradise Farmers Market
The Plant, 1400 W. 46th St.
April 4–October 31, 11am–3pm


Wicker Park Farmers Market (L)
1425 W Damen Ave.
May 16–November 14, 8am–2pm

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