Setting the Stage: Objects of Chicago Theatre

June 29, 2019–January 5, 2020

Expo 72, 72 E. Randolph St.

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Setting the Stage, Objects of the Chicago Theatre

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Design in theatre can take many forms, including costumes, lights, sound, props, and sets, among countless other examples. Setting the Stage celebrates the myriad ways design is employed in stage productions.

Using objects on loan from Chicago theatres, this exhibit will emphasize the diversity, depth, and breadth of theatres in the city and explore how words are translated by designers into a production. See the process behind the final products and learn more about how and why design decisions in theatres are made.

Celebrate the Year of Chicago Theatre with us and discover all that the city’s theatre has to offer through the objects which exemplify the soul of each institution.

Each month throughout the run of this exhibition, a different theatre will be curating a mini-exhibition on our “stage,” featuring an expanded look at what makes each of them unique.


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