Landmark Status Approved for Hyde Park's Promontory Point

April 19, 2023

Hyde Park’s Promontory Point was designated as an official Chicago Landmark by City Council today.

Completed in 1939 under President Roosevelt’s New Deal, the lakefront peninsula was constructed from lakefill and is protected by stepped limestone. It is located east of Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable Lake Shore Drive between 54th and 56th streets.

Landscape architect Alfred Caldwell’s plan for Promontory Point made use of the site’s renowned lake and skyline views, while Chicago Park District architect Emanuel V. Buchsbaum designed a French eclectic-style pavilion with a central tower. Frederick C. and Elizabeth Haseltine Hibbard crafted the sculptural David Wallach Fountain located near the lakefront trail.

The Landmark designation will protect the exterior elevations and rooflines of the pavilion, as well as pathways, council rings, fountain, and limestone revetments.


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