Little Village Arch Designated as Landmark

January 26, 2022


The Little Village Arch, which has served as an entry to the largest Mexican-American community in the Midwest since 1990, was formally designated as a Landmark by City Council today.

Located at 3100 W. 26th St. within Little Village’s main retail district, the two-story archway was designed by Chicago architect Adrián Lozano to recognize the neighborhood’s pervasive Mexican heritage and culture.

Inspired by Colonial-era gateways built at Mexican religious sites, haciendas, and walled towns, the Little Village Arch features a pair of dome-capped stucco towers with sidewalk passageways, a tile roof, a mechanical clock, and a metal banner that reads, “Bienvenidos A Little Village.” It may be the only arch of its type north of the Rio Grande River, according to a Commission on Chicago Landmarks designation report.

Today, 77% of Little Village’s population is estimated to be of Mexican descent. The two-mile-long 26th Street commercial corridor is claimed to be the second highest-grossing retail sales district in Chicago after North Michigan Avenue.

The Landmark designation will protect the structure from significant alteration or demolition.

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