Citywide Adopt-A-Landmark Fund

Updated March 30, 2023

The Citywide Adopt-a-Landmark Fund provides grants to support the restoration of designated landmark buildings and structures throughout Chicago. The funds are generated by downtown construction projects that contribute to the Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus system

Project Eligibility

Properties that qualify for Adopt-a-Landmark grants include individually designated landmarks and contributing buildings in designated landmark districts. Adopt-a-Landmark Fund projects must meet the following conditions:

  • Restoration projects must be consistent with Commission on Chicago Landmarks (CCL) standards and guidelines
  • Scope of work must involve an exterior renovation that’s visible from the street or interior work that's accessible by the public, and routine maintenance is not eligible
  • The CCL must approve the scope of work and associated budget for the restoration project pursuant to its standard review and approval process 

Selected project require the review and approval of the full Landmarks Commission and potentially its Permit Review Committee. Grant amounts in excess of $250,000 require additional approval from City Council.

2023 Adopt-A-Landmark Applications

The 2023 Adopt-A-Landmark application period is open from Friday, March 17 through Wednesday, June 21.

Download the application

A pre-application webinar was held on March 29, 2023. Watch the recording or read the presentation.

Questions on the application and the submittal process can be directed to Historic Preservation staff at

Details about finalists selected during the 2021 funding round are available here. The 2021 pre-registration meeting is posted on YouTube. A template of an Adopt-a-Landmark agreement is available for review for reference purposes only.

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