Citywide Adopt-A-Landmark Fund

Updated Oct. 2, 2019

The Citywide Adopt-a-Landmark Fund allocates funding generated by downtown construction projects to support restoration of buildings that have been individually designated as a Chicago Landmark, or a contributing building in a designated landmark district, excluding single-family homes and residential buildings of six units or less.

The City acquires the funds through the Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus, in which developers pay a voluntary fee to achieve increased density within the downtown zoning district. Ten percent of that money goes to this fund.

Project Eligibility

Adopt-a-Landmark projects must meet the following conditions:

  • Restoration project must be consistent with Commission standards and guidelines
  • Scope of work and budget must be pre-approved
  • Scope of work must be substantial interior or exterior renovation work that is visible from a public street or within a portion of the interior that is open to the public. This work must exceed normal maintenance.

Priority is given to projects that address exterior envelope issues, as well as projects located in Qualified Investment Areas (QIAs) on the South and West sides. Additional funding priorities established by the Department of Planning and Development (DPD) are outlined in the application. Projects that require a grant of more than $250,000 must be approved by City Council. The ordinance requires DPD post an annual report detailing the receipt and expenditure of funds. Reports for 2017 and 2018 are available.

Applciations are currently closed for Citywide Adopt-a-Landmark Fund grants.

Application Dates

2019 Application Round

Potential Funding

Application Deadline

Uncompleted Projects $30K+
Prioritizing grant requests of $250,000 or less

July 1, 2019

Previous Adopt-a-Landmark Grants

Uptown Theatre

4816 N. Broadway, Uptown
Total Project Cost: $75 million
Adopt-a-Landmark Grant: $3 million

The renovated space will be one of Chicago’s premier live-event venues with a capacity of approximately 4,000 as reserved seating and 5,800 as general admission. The planned exterior work includes extensive masonry repairs on all elevations of the building. The Uptown Theatre, designed by the firm of Rapp and Rapp, was the largest theater in the nation when completed in 1925. The theater has been closed since 1981, and was designated a Chicago Landmark in 1991. 



Pullman Art Space Lofts

11127-11129 S.  Langley Ave. and 704-706 E. 112th St., Pullman
Total Project Cost: $1.52 million
Adopt-a-Landmark Grant: $250,000

Two rehabilitated apartment buildings will be combined with a new, three-story development to provide 38 affordable apartments as part of a larger $18 million mixed-used project. The work consists of restoring exterior masonry of two historic apartment buildings, and the repair or replacement of historic roofs, windows and doors. The project is located in the Pullman District, designated in 1972.



First Church of Deliverance

4315 S. Wabash Ave., Grand Boulevard
Total Project Cost: $550,000
Adopt-a-Landmark Grant: $228,000

The First Church of Deliverance is especially valuable in its contribution and role in the development of gospel music and radio broadcasting, which it has done continuously for more than 84 years. The 1939 Art Moderne structure was one the last works of Walter T. Bailey, the first African-American architect registered in Illinois. The work will include restoration and repairs to the front terra cotta facade and windows, repairs to the side walls, and restoration of interior murals and doors. The church was designated a Chicago Landmark in 1994. 



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