Land Sales Approved for South and West Side Schools

February 15, 2012


The sale of one City-owned parcel will support a new playground at a Near West Side charter school and the Board of Education will take ownership of 26 parcels of land on the South and West Sides under ordinances approved by City Council today.

“We will continue to work together to support facilities that give our school children an opportunity to play and grow,” Mayor Emanuel said.

Erie Charter School
The playground will be created by the sale of a City-owned parcel at 1415 N. Washtenaw Ave., which will be used by students at the nearby Erie Elementary Charter School. 

Plans for the $150,700 project will include the addition of playground equipment, benches, picnic tables and fencing.  The approved sale price for the 3,147-square-foot site is $1.

IGA with Board of Education
The City will transfer the 26 parcels associated with eight public schools to the Chicago Board of Education.

The parcels are in the City’s land inventory and contain portions of existing school buildings, open spaces and campus parks.  Under the ordinance, the Board will take ownership of a total of 3.74 acres of land.  The parcels will be sold for a $1 each.

The schools include Morton Career Academy, Beidler Elementary, Henson Elementary, Lawndale Elementary Community Academy, Johnson Elementary, Dodge Elementary, Perspectives/IIT Math and Science Academy, and Morgan Elementary.

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