City Council Approves Funding To Support Site Prep Work For Englewood Whole Foods Store

April 2, 2014

A commercial complex anchored by a Whole Foods grocery store will move forward in Englewood
through $10.7 million in Tax Increment Financing (TIF) approved today by City Council.
“I am proud to move forward on this critical investment in the Englewood neighborhood and to
work to ensure that all Chicagoans have access to fresh, healthy groceries in their communities,”
said Mayor Emanuel. “The Whole Foods store will facilitate economic growth in the neighborhood,
creating jobs and expanding access to quality and affordable food.”
“So as to maintain a healthy life style, every community deserves fresh produce, fresh meats, and
other nutritionally sound foods. The residents and I applaud Whole Foods grocery store and thank
the Mayor for his support of the project”. Alderman JoAnn Thompson, 16th Ward
The TIF assistance will pay for environmental work and infrastructure improvements to 13.9 acres
of vacant, City-owned land on the northwest corner of 63rd and Halsted streets.
The work will include the creation of development-ready foundations on a five-acre portion of the
site, specifically for four commercial buildings totaling 48,000 square feet. The Whole Foods store,
announced by Mayor Emanuel in September 2013, will occupy 18,000 square feet. Once completed,
the store will employ 100 people and provide expanded food options for neighborhood residents.
As the first part of a two-phase project, the environmental and infrastructure work will be
performed by Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, a community-based, non-profit development

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