Calumet Area Land Use Plan

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      The Calumet Area Land Use Plan is intended to create a landscape on the Far South Side where industry and open space harmoniously coexist.

In a city where large tracts of vacant industrial land are needed but scarce, the Calumet area retains well over 1,000 acres suitable for manufacturing and other business uses. Almost 60 percent of land in Chicago that is available for industry can be found here, potentially accommodating close to 7 million square feet of new industrial space. The industrial land exists side-by-side with approximately 4,000 acres of Chicago’s most important wetlands.

The land use plan examines the history of the area, its landscape and waterways, transportation assets, potential for recreation and opportunities for economic growth while protecting the natural environment. It was adopted by the Chicago Plan Commission in February 2002.

Calumet Area Land Use Plan



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