Demolition Delay Hold List (2021)

Contact: 312.744.3200

Date Received: 12/03/2021 
Address: 1618 W. Devon Ave. 
Ward: 40th 
Applicant: Alpine Demolition Services, LLC 
Owner: Doris Eneamokwu 
Permit Description: Opening of closed existing windows, install new window frame and glazing, repair existing glazed brick as needed (tuckpointing) [removal of ornamental masonry panel]
Status: Under Review

Date Received: 12/02/2021
Address: 116
N. Willard Ct.
Ward: 27th
Applicant: PLD Holdings, LLC
Owner: Mark and Beverly Paulsey
Permit Description: Demolition of a 3-story, brick building and a detached garage.
Status: Released 12/03/2021 [Application for this address previously released 02/01/2021]


Date Received: 11/23/2021
Address: 1535
N. Maplewood Ave.
Ward: 1st
Applicant: Soma Design Consultants, Inc. C/O Bryan W. Hudson
Owner: Greg Fordon
Permit Description: Partial demolition of a two-story, masonry residential building to accommodate a third-floor addition.
Status: Released 02/24/2022

Date Received: 10/26/2021
2028 N. Seminary Ave.
Ward: 43rd
Applicant: Quality Excavation Inc. C/O Anne Quinn 
Owner: Patrick Nash 
Permit Description: Wreck and removal of the three-story, masonry residential building and a frame garage.
Status: Released 01/24/2022

Date Received: 10/22/2021
Address: 1643
N. Bell Ave.
Ward: 32nd
Applicant: Collective Office, P. C. C/O Jeff Klymson
Owner: 1643 N Bell, LLC C/O Lori Fogelson
Permit Description: The substantial demolition of a one-story masonry residence to accommodate a 2nd floor addition to the building.
Status: Released 01/19/2022

Date Received: 10/22/2021
Address: 3849 N. Hermitage Ave.
Ward: 47th
Applicant: Precision Excavation, LLC C/O Angela Dillon
Owner: Angelico Two Series 3849, LLC C/O Jay I. Hausler
Permit Description: wreck and removal of a two-story, masonry and frame, multi-family residential building.
Status: Released 01/19/2022

Date Received: 10/15/2021
Address: 5688 N. New Hampshire Ave.
Ward: 41st
Applicant: Dan Durkin
Owner: Nicholas W. Degnan
Permit Description: Substantial demolition, alteration and expansion of the two-story frame, single-family building.
Status: Released 01/12/2022

Date Received: 10/08/2021
Address: 2622 N. Dayton St.

Ward: 43rd
Applicant: Tir Conaill Concrete, Inc. C/O Charlotte McVeigh

Owner: David Hansen
Permit Description: Wreck and removal of a single-family, frame residential building and garage
Status: Released 01/05/2022

Date Received: 10/01/2021
17 S. Oakley Boulevard 
Ward: 27th
Applicant: Thomas Montgomery
Sam Brashler 
Permit Description: Wreck and removal of the existing roof structure on a two-story, masonry residential building, to accommodate the construction of a new rooftop addition. 
Status: Application voided 

Date Received: 10/01/2021
Address: 2114 N. Lincoln Ave.

Ward: 43rd
Applicant: JAR Corp.

Owner: Frederic Boyer
Permit Description: Partial demolition to accommodate third floor additions and a side addition
Status: Released 10/12/2021 (Based on a revised submittal retaining significant architectural features.)

Date Received: 09/29/2021
Address: 4323 N. Paulina St.

Ward: 47th
Applicant: American Demolition Corporation

Owner: GXSR, LLC C/O Josephine Cronnolly and Thomas Taylor, Managers
Permit Description: Demolition of a two-story, frame, single-family residential building
Status: Released 12/30/2021

Date Received: 08/31/2021
Address: 747-751 W. 82nd St.

Ward: 21st
Applicant: Alpine Demolition Services, LLC

Owner: Commonwealth Edison Company C/O Leon Guaquil
Permit Description: Demolition of a 1-story, masonry substation building
Status: Released 11/30/2021

Date Received: 08/04/2021
Address: 5924 S. Princeton Ave.

Ward: 20th
Applicant: City of Chicago Department of Buildings

Owner: City of Chicago
Permit Description: Wreck and remove a one-story frame building
Status: Released 08/06/2021 [Per an Administrative Order issued by the Department of Buildings on May 24, 2021, to address dangerous and hazardous conditions.]

Date Received: 07/15/2021
Address: 4450 and 4500 W. Division St.

Ward: 37th
Applicant: American Demolition Corporation

Owner: Services LLC
Permit Description: Demolition of buildings
Status: Released 10/15/2021

#100913335 and #100929919
Date Received: 07/13/2021
Address: 1851 N. Leavitt St.

Ward: 32nd
Applicant: Evergreen Solution USA Inc.

Owner: 1853-51 N. Leavitt LLC
Permit Description: Wreck and remove a 2-story masonry multi-unit residence
Status: Released 10/12/2021

#100913335 and #100925159
Date Received: 06/17/2021
Address: 6100 W. Fullerton Avenue

Ward: 30th
Applicant: Public Building Commission of Chicago C/O Paulo Hernandez

Owner: Chicago Park District
Permit Description: Demolition of the one-story masonry gymnasium in the Jacob Riis Fieldhouse for the construction of the CPS Belmont Cragin Elementary School
Status: Released 06/30/2021

Date Received: 06/10/2021
Address: 940 W. Cuyler Avenue

Ward: 46th
Applicant: Taylor Excavating & Construction, Inc.

Owner: 940 West Cuyler, LLC C/O Josephine Cronnolly
Permit Description: Demolition of a 2-story, 4-unit masonry residence and detached garage. 
Status: Released 09/09/2021

Date Received: 05/20/2021
Address: 10943 S. Homewood Avenue

Ward: 19th
Applicant: KLF Enterprises

Owner: Righteous Oaks, LLC
Permit Description: Wreck and remove a two-story frame residence. 
Status: Released 05/21/2021 [Per an Administrative Order issued by the Department of Buildings to address dangerous and hazardous conditions.]

Date Received: 05/19/2021
Address: 2602 S. California Avenue

Ward: 24th
Applicant: Cook County Jail

Owner: Sheila Atkins (Cook County)
Permit Description: Wreck and remove 16 masonry buildings in 5 phases. Demo Delay previously released under permit #100809124. 
Status: Released 05/28/2021

Date Received: 02/18/2021
Address: 4500 N. Spaulding Avenue

Ward: 33rd
Applicant: D. S. Construction, Inc.

Owner: Chicago Milal Church
Permit Description: Demolition and removal of a 2-story masonry church. 
Status: Released 05/19/2021

Date Received: 02/18/2021
Address: 28 and 40 E. Garfield Boulevard

Ward: 3rd
Applicant: Midway Technology Centre Owner, LLC

Owner: Midway Technology Centre Owner, LLC c/o Austen Reichhold
Permit Description: The partial demolition of one-story warehouse additions on a property consisting of various structures and additions spanning the block between East Garfield Boulevard and East 54th Street.  The five-story former factory building on East Garfield Boulevard (with associated three-story and one-story portions) and the three-story masonry former stables building with frontage on East 54th Street will remain. 
Status: Released 05/11/2021

Date Received: 01/28/2021
Address: 7443
S. Kimbark Avenue
Ward: 8th
Applicant: KLF Enterprises

Owner: VILA CO. c/o Vitalija Sileikyte
Permit Description: The demolition of a 3-story frame residential building.
Status: Released 04/29/2021

Date Received: 01/07/2021
Address: 2700
N. Pine Grove Avenue
Ward: 43rd
Applicant: Second Church of Christ Scientist c/o Fenton Booth

Owner: Second Church of Christ Scientist
Permit Description: Alterations to the interior of the existing masonry church building, including seven-story and basement additions containing 26 residential units, and 30 basement-level parking spaces. Work includes the demolition of the interior structure, the roof and the north wall of the existing church, exterior east, west and south walls to remain on the building.
Status: Released 04/14/2021

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