Large Lots Program

The Large Lot Program was a City of Chicago neighborhood stabilization initiative to help property owners, block clubs and non-profit groups in select Chicago neighborhoods to purchase City-owned land for $1 per parcel.

The program was one of the recommendations of City's “Five-Year Housing Plan,” which will direct $1.3 billion in public spending from 2014-2018 to create, improve, and preserve more than 41,000 units of housing citywide.

The program operated on a pilot basis. Up to two lots were available per application. Applicants must have owned property on the same block, been current on property taxes and had no financial obligations to the City, among other requirements.

Lots proposed for purchase must have been owned by the City, be vacant, and have residential (R) zoning, among other requirements.

Properties were sold “as is” via a Quit Claim deed.

The lots could be used to expand the yards of existing homes, for beautification, for gardens, for housing, and other uses permitted by current zoning regulations. Successful applicants were required to maintain ownership of lots purchased through the program for at least five years.

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