Logan Square Open Space Plan

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    The Logan Square Open Space Plan provides a blueprint for increasing the amount and improving the quality of open space in the Logan Square community on Chicago's Northwest Side.

    As one of Chicago's most densely developed areas, Logan Square has the least amount of open space per capita of any Chicago community area except South Lawndale. The majority of its open space is along wide, tree-lined boulevards and acreage for traditional open spaces, such as parks and ball fields, is well below minimum standards.

    To improve the quantity and quality of open space in the community, the Logan Square Open Space Plan identifies 11 opportunities, including the development of a linear park on the abandoned Bloomingdale rail line, creative use of open space near the Kennedy Expressway, and improvements that restore the historic integrity and usability of both Logan and Palmer squares.

    The implementation of these recommendations would result in the creation of over fifteen acres of new open space, as well as facility enhancements at existing locations, to provide residents with increased recreational opportunities and also improve the aesthetics of the Logan Square community.

    The plan was created through the close collaboration of community residents and businesses with the City of Chicago's (former) Department of Planning and Development, the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Department of Transportation. It was approved by the Chicago Plan Commission on July 15, 2004.

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