Neighborhood Opportunity Fund

The Neighborhood Opportunity Fund has promoted equitable neighborhood development since its creation in 2016. The fund provides resources to encourage development in West, Southwest and South Side commercial corridors.

Funds for the program are generated through the Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus, which enables developers of downtown construction projects to increase floor area in exchange for voluntary payments. The Neighborhood Opportunity Fund receives and allocates 80 percent of all downtown bonus payments.

Proceeds are used to support commercial corridor investments involving grocery stores, restaurants, service providers, cultural facilities and uses that address other neighborhood needs.

Costs eligible for grants include:

  • site preparation and assembly
  • public improvements
  • design
  • employee training programs
  • others expenses

Funding is provided as grants to private and public agencies for projects that align with community-based goals. The grants do not have to be repaid. Individual awards exceeding $250,000 require City Council approval. Additional information can be found at the program's website.

The remaining 20 percent of Neighborhood Opportunity Bonus proceeds is split evenly between local infrastructure and designated landmarks.


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