Open Space Impact Fee

The Open Space Impact Fee program helps create public open spaces in Chicago.

The program allocates fees that are applied to new residential developments to pay for land acquisition and park improvements in each of Chicago's 77 community areas.

Fees range from $313 to $1,253. Credits are provided for certain projects that include open space on site.

Expenditures require City Council approval and are allocated within the community where the funds were generated. The funds are not used for ongoing maintenance or for playground replacement.

Fees are processed through an Open Space Impact Fee worksheet that requires approval from the Department of Buildings or DPD staff. For more information, contact:

Standard Plan Review:
Gerald Garcia 312.744.9038 

Planned Developments:
Mike Marmo 312.744.9238, Erik Glass 312.744.4179

Waivers and/or credits for on-site open space:
Meg Gustafson 312.744.0524

Developer Services/Self Certification:
Department of Buildings 312.743.3600



Sheridan and Thorndale

Sheridan Road and Thorndale Avenue

  Albany and Whipple

Albany Avenue and Whipple Street

  Printer's Row 

700 S. Dearborn St.




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