Randolph/Wells TIF

Designation: 2010    Expiration: 2034

The Randolph/Wells TIF was designated to foster the rehabilitation of older and vacant commercial and retail properties on portions of six blocks in the northwest Loop. The area is characterized by low- and high-rise structures, including six buildings with historic significance. The majority of increment projected to be generated by the TIF is targeted for building improvements and for eligible costs involving the creation of market-rate and affordable housing. Property assembly and job training assistance are also targeted by the TIF.


Redevelopment Plan (PDF)
Designation Ordinance (PDF)
Annual Report (PDF)
Projection Report (Data Portal)



Randolph/Wells TIF district map, roughly bounded on the north by Lake Street, Court Place on the south, LaSalle Street on the east, and Franklin Street on the west.


Randolph Tower City Apartments



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