Our Structure

Department of Human Resources is comprised of six areas with distinctly individual functions that work together to serve our employees and the public. 

The Department of Human Resources currently employs 92 full-time staff members and has an annual operating budget of $6,512,215.

Programs and Initiatives

  • Employment and recruiting initiatives.
  • Employee development and assistance services.
  • Job classification and compensation functions.
  • Labor relations.
  • Employment records and information management.
  • Kathy Osterman Superior Service Awards.
  • Human Resources Board hearings and rulings.


Divisions and Functions

DHR is comprised of six areas with distinctly individual functions that work together to serve our employees and the public.

  • Employment Services

Employment Services governs the hiring and promotion process for all City of Chicago departments and maintains job classification responsibilities and compensation programs. It also develops and implements recruitment and retentions programs.

  • Information Services

Information Services is responsible for the creation, maintenance and disposition of personnel records. It manages the online CAREERS application process, the Department’s web site and other technology initiatives.

  • Strategic Services

Strategic Services works to enhance the productivity of the city’s workforce through a variety of programs that include training and employee development initiatives, and employee assistance services.

  • Finance and Administration

Finance and Administration is responsible for managing the fiscal and administrative operations of the department. Such functions include employee tuition reimbursements, attendance records, issuing of employee identification cards, and budget related matters.

  • Human Resources Board

The three-member board is appointed by the Mayor and is charged with the responsibility of conducting hearings and rendering decisions in instances of alleged misconduct by career service employees. The Board also presides over appeal hearings brought about by disciplinary action taken against employees by individual city departments. 

  • Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity:

The Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity (“EEO Division”) of the Department of Human Resources promotes diversity and inclusion by managing the City’s Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (“EEO Policy”). The Diversity and Equal Employment Opportunity Policy prohibits discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, gender identity, age, religion, disability, national origin, ancestry, sexual orientation, marital status, parental status, and military service or discharge status. The EEO Policy also prohibits sexual harassment.

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