Job Specifications

Positions are principally administrative, clerical, or fiscal in character.

Clerical, Accounting, and General Office Group

Positions involve auditing, accounting, general administrative, information technology, machine operations, secretarial, library science, or any kind of clerical office work.

0100 Accounting and Finance Series

0200 Cash Receiving and Disbursing Series

0300 General Administrative Series

0400 General Clerical Series

0500 Library Series

0600 Information Technology Series

0700 Public Information Series

0800 Secretarial and Typing Series

0900 Audio-Visual Series


Statistical, Technical, and Analytical Group

Positions involve examining, investigating, analyzing, purchasing, planning, budgeting, legal, personnel, statistical, and real estate activities.

1000 Assessing and Taxation Series

1100 Budget and Procedure Analysis Series

1200 Examining and Licensing Series

1300 Personnel Series

1400 Planning Series

1500 Purchasing and Supply Series

1600 Real Estate and Legal Series

1700 Statistical Series

1800 Storekeeping Series

1900 Urban Development Series

Positions related to public health and welfare activities.

Inspectional Group

Positions perform inspectional activities in the areas of health, environment, sanitation, buildings, and consumer protection in compliance with city codes and ordinances.

2000  Energy and Environmental Protection Series

2100  Building Inspection Series

2200  Plumbing Inspection Series

2300  Sanitary Inspection Series

2400  Consumer Service Series

Medical and Social Service Group

Positions require training and ability in respective branches of medicine, dentistry, laboratory science, and social services.

2900  Human Relations Series

3000  Human Relations Series

3100  Medical Technician and Laboratory Series

3200  Professional Dental Series

3300  Professional Medical Series

3400  Public Health Series

3500  Social Service Series

3600  Occupational Health Nursing Series

3700  Public Health Nursing Series

3800  Human Service Series

3900  Children and Youth Services Series

4000 Summer Program Series

Positions related to the operation and maintenance of municipal facilities and the construction and rehabilitation of municipal works projects.

Building Maintenance and Operation Group

Positions require practical skills in the building and construction trades.

4200  Custodial Series

4300  Carpentry and Glazing Trades Series

4400  Masonry Trades Series

4500  Miscellaneous Building Trades Series

4600  Painting Trades Series

4700  Steamfitting and Plumbing Trades Series

4800  Structural Trades Series

Electrical and Mechanical Group

Positions require knowledge and skill in the operation, maintenance, and repair of electrical or mechanical equipment.

5000  Electrical Construction and Maintenance Series

5100   Electrical Inspection Series

Engineering, Designing, and Structural Group

Positions require training and ability in architecture, engineering, drafting, or related technical work.

5400  Architectural Series

5500  Chemical Engineering Series

5600  Civil Engineering Series

5700  Drafting and General Design Series

5800  Electrical Engineering Series

5900  General Engineering Series

6000  Mechanical Engineering Series

6100  Sub-Professional Engineering Series

6200  Traffic Engineering Series

6300  Collective Bargaining Series

6400  Graphics and Reproduction Series

Industrial Trades Group

Positions require skill in industrial trades or crafts.

6500  Mechanical Trades Series

6600  Metal Working Trades Series

6700  Miscellaneous Industrial Trades Series

River, Harbor, and Transportation Group

Positions related to river, bridge, parking, and airport operations and the transportation of materials and passengers.

7000  Airport Operation Series

7100  Automotive Transportation Series

7200  Bridge Operation Series

7300  Marine Series

7400  Parking Attendance Series

Steam and Operation Engineering Group

Positions require training and ability in the operation and maintenance of equipment for plant operations.

7600 Hoisting and Conveying Operation Series

7700 Stationary Plant Operation Series

Forestry and Parkways Group

Positions plant and trim trees on the city's parkways.

7900  Landscape Maintenance Series

Street, Water, Sewer, and Disposal Group

Positions involve laying and repairing sidewalks; paving, repairing, and cleaning streets; maintaining and extending sewer and water systems; collecting and disposing of garbage and waste; and performing related inspectional activities.

8100  Sanitation Series

8200  Street Maintenance and Construction Series

8300  Water and Sewer Maintenance and Construction Series

Positions perform public safety activities for the City's Police and Fire Departments, and the Office of Emergency Management and Communications.

Fire Service Group

Uniformed positions are in the active ranks of the Fire Department and work is directly related to the performance of fire and emergency medical service duties. Civilian positions perform 9-1-1 police and fire emergency communications work.

8500  Fire Administration and Instruction Series

8600  Emergency Communications Series

8700  Firefighting Series

8800  Fire Prevention Series


Police Service Group

Sworn positions are in the active ranks of the Police Department and work is directly related to the performance of police duties. Civilian positions perform work supporting law enforcement activities.

9000  Police Administrative Series

9100  Police General Duty Series

9200  Police Identification Series

Board of Election Commissioners Group

The Board of Election Commissioners conducts and supervises elections for the City of Chicago.

9300  Board of Election Commissioners Series

Positions perform primarily manual labor.

Non-Competitive Group

Positions involve unskilled or semi-skilled labor requiring limited training or experience.

9400  Semi-Skilled Labor Series

9500  Unskilled Labor Series