Workforce Compliance

Classification and Compensation

The mission of the Classification and Compensation Unit is two-fold: to ensure like pay for like work and to ensure rates of pay are consistent with current market rates. The unit performs a range of functions to ensure that the City’s compensation system attracts, retains, and motivates a quality workforce.

This system provides a framework for the City’s Human Resources management objectives. The plan implements a job evaluation system for classifying jobs or positions and helps to facilitate other HR functions such as recruitment and selection, pay structuring, training and development, performance evaluation, and organizational and workforce planning. Three key areas of this plan include:

Job Analysis

Determining the comparability of positions is achieved through the desk audit process and through the use of wage and salary surveys. The Classification and Compensation Unit utilizes Position Description Questionnaires (PER15s) as a tool for ensuring appropriateness of class titles and grades for City positions. Positions are ultimately grouped into classes with each class including positions that are sufficiently similar in duties and responsibilities so that similar requirements as to training, experience, knowledge, skill, and the same rates of compensation are applicable to the class. Class specifications are the general documents describing the essential and representative duties of a group of like positions.

Salary Administration

The City’s Classification and Pay Plan contains numerous municipal salary schedules representing various employee groups. The City’s managerial positions are designated with single salary rates that are not covered under a salary schedule but determined through a salary analysis conducted by the Classification and Compensation Unit. For a copy of current Municipal Pay Schedules see here:

Classification and Pay Plan

The unit is also responsible for publishing the Classification and Pay Plan (Schedule A). This document contains a current listing of all City class titles, municipal pay schedules as well as the annual appropriation ordinance. This ordinance details employee benefits including health, dental and optical insurance, term life insurance coverage, and deferred compensation. Additionally, the ordinance contains rules regarding various benefits including designation of holidays, vacation and sick leave, jury duty, and other leaves of absence. For a copy of the current Classification and Pay Plan, see here:

-Classification and Pay Plan

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