Line of Duty Preference

Section 3- Applicant’s Preference

Qualified applicants who are immediate family members of sworn Police and uniformed Fire Department Personnel who died in the line of duty or who were immediate family members of individuals who have served on active duty of the Armed Forces of the United States, the Illinois National Guard, or any reserve component of the United States who died in the line of duty in a combat zone, will be granted preference for an entry sworn Police or uniformed Fire Department position, providing the preference is not superseded by a collective bargaining agreement. The definition of immediate family member, line of duty, and combat zone will be determined by the appropriate authorizing and governing bodies. To qualify for the preference, the applicant must otherwise qualify for the job and must be eligible for the position.
The preference granted under this section shall be in the form of preference in processing. Applicants who qualify under this section will receive consideration before other qualified applicants for approved, vacant positions unless superseded by a collective bargaining agreement.


LOD – Preference Process

Line Of Duty Form