Shakman Settlement

Acting Up Policy

Contractor Policy

Use of Non-City Employees Policy

Certifications Related to the Contractor Policy

Contract Management Authority Certification

Contractor Selection Certification


Approved Contractors Requests


Attendance and Disciplinary Criteria Policy

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Attendance Criteria

Attendance Codes

Disciplinary Criteria

Executive Order 2007-1

The Executive Order which restates the City of Chicago's commitment to maintaining a fair employment process, free of unlawful political influence.

City of Chicago Hiring Plans

Plans which set forth the general principles which govern

most of the hiring by the City of Chicago and the City of Chicago Fire and Police Departments.

Quarterly Report on Hiring Data

2021 4th Quarterly Report on Hiring Data
2021 3rd Quarterly Report on Hiring Data
2021 2nd Quarterly Report on Hiring Data
2021 1st Quarterly Report on Hiring Data

List of hires and promotions by Ward and approved Requests for Independent Contractors

Interview Job Titles

List of current City job titles for which an interview is allowed during the selection process.   

Non-Interview Job Titles

This list includes the current City job titles in which candidates are not selected through an interview process.  

Shakman Exempt Titles

List of titles for positions that are Shakman Exempt

Senior Manager Titles

List of titles for positions that can be filled though the Senior Manager Hiring Process 

Senior Manager Hires

List of individuals who have been hired through the Senior Manager Hiring Process since October, 2007.

List of Test/No-Test Titles

List of titles that utilize Pass/Fail or Ranked tests prior to hire