August 18, 2011

Mayor Emanuel Announces Unprecedented City Procurement Modernization Initiative that Will Find Up to $25 Million in Savings by 2013

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today announced that the City of Chicago will work with Accenture to conduct a complete evaluation of citywide procurement services, which will save the City up to $25 million by 2013. With this initiative, the City of Chicago takes a major step toward the complete modernization of its procurement efforts as promised in Mayor Emanuel’s Transition Report.

“My administration is looking at every available option to update the way the City does business and use taxpayer funds as effectively as possible,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “Working with Accenture, we will significantly reduce the costs we pay for goods and services that are essential for city government. It is a major step in our larger effort to transform procurement.”

The process will begin with Accenture conducting a complete analysis of the City’s spending, after which Accenture will identify contracts that will be renegotiated, re-bid, or otherwise reduced in cost. Accenture employees will work alongside City workers to redefine these contracts and reduce costs for Chicago while at the same time training City workers to continue these efficient procurement efforts in the future. 

"We look forward to working closely with Mayor Emanuel and his procurement team as we leverage our experience and capabilities to create significant savings and efficiencies for the taxpayers of Chicago, as we have for our other clients," said Dan London, North American Managing Director for Accenture Health and Public Service.

The City’s contract with Accenture is one of many recent contracting changes implemented by the Emanuel Administration, including reverse auctions and stricter no-bid contract regulations.

The new contract with Accenture is effective immediately and is  available online here. Additionally, all contract and modification information since 1993 is available online on the City website here. Savings to the City are anticipated next year and will be achieved completely by 2013.


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