December 13, 2011

Statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Chicago's New Law Banning the Sale of "Synthetic Marijuana"

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

I support this new city ordinance which would make it unlawful for any business to sell or offer the sale of any synthetic marijuana in the city of Chicago. By including all of the chemical compounds commonly found in synthetic marijuana, this ordinance will allow us to proactively stay ahead of this behavior and send a clear message to irresponsible merchants who are selling these products out in the open that this will no longer be tolerated. The definition in this ordinance allows us to enforce against all compounds that mimic the effect of marijuana. I want to applaud the enforcement efforts of Governor Pat Quinn and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan on this issue.  I also want to thank the co-sponsors of this ordinance and especially Alderman JoAnn Thompson for showing leadership on this important issue that is causing trouble in our communities.  We will soon have both a state statute as well as a city ordinance that will keep this harmful drug out of the hands of children in our neighborhoods.