July 28, 2011

Mayor Emanuel Introduces Ordinance to Enhance Pedestrian Safety

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Today, Mayor Emanuel introduced an ordinance to better protect pedestrians and make Chicago’s streets more walkable.

“My Administration is committed to making our streets safer for pedestrians,” said Mayor Emanuel. “The ordinance introduced today will clarify our safety laws to better protect pedestrians and support a vigorous, creative public awareness campaign to help educate all who use our roads about pedestrian safety.”

The proposed ordinance would amend the Chicago Municipal Code to require drivers to come to a full stop when a pedestrian is crossing at an uncontrolled crosswalk (a crosswalk with no traffic signal or stop sign). This change will bring the Chicago Municipal Code in line with the Illinois Vehicle Code.

The Chicago Department of Transportation also requested City Council authority to maintain temporary awareness signs within the public way to further promote pedestrian safety. Awareness signs would include items such as temporary safety messages stenciled on the sidewalk or crossing flags at key crossing points.

Both of these proposed changes support an upcoming federally-funded pedestrian safety campaign. The campaign will kick off in late summer.
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